PILOT Agreements, Murals, New Redevelopment Designations, and Adaptive Reuse Plans for the old Woolworth Building

HACKENSACK NJ, November 9, 2015—The changing weather has not put a damper on the city’s redevelopment plans for Downtown Hackensack.   Here’s an update on new and ongoing projects supported by the Main Street Business Alliance:

Redevelopment Projects:

·      The City of Hackensack approved PILOTs for 150-170 Main and 210 Main for 30 and 25 years respectively. Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) incentivize developers to build in areas that might otherwise be overlooked. Based on these two PILOT’s alone the City will receive over $800,000 in additional taxes the first year these projects have been completed.  For more about the city’s use of PILOT’s see: ww.hackensack.org/pilots

·      The Hackensack Planning Board designated 240 Main Street as an area in need of redevelopment.  The redevelopment plan allows for a maximum of 110 residential units and a minimum 2,300 square feet of retail space facing Main Street in a five story project.  The plan includes on-site parking and amenities for the residents and patrons.

·      The Hackensack Planning Board designated 18 East Camden as an area in need of redevelopment. The redevelopment plan allows for a maximum 280 residential units in a five story building with on-site parking, courtyards and residential amenities.

·      The Hackensack Planning Board approved the Redevelopment Plan for the 155 River Street – Record Site which includes a maximum of 700 residential units, 70,000 sf of retail and a 1.35 acre site for a hotel.  The plan requires the construction of a waterfront public promenade with an approximately half-acre of open space which will be available to the public.

·      The City of Hackensack’s engineer is finalizing the construction drawings for the two way street conversion of Main Street, State Street and several cross streets within the downtown.  The designs will consider, tandem on-street parking, loading and delivery zones as well as rerouting NJ Transit Buses from Main Street.

·      On November 4th, the Hackensack Planning Board determined that Block 407.01 (located between Main and State / Berry and Camden) meet the criteria for an area in need of redevelopment.  The next step would be the creation of a redevelopment plan for the block.

·      On November 4th the Hackensack Planning Board approved plans to convert the former Woolworth building at 149 Main Street into a five story, 72-unit residential building with 3,900 sf of retail on Main Street.  The plans require the iconic art deco façade to be renovated as a part of the development.

Cultural Arts Initiatives:

·      The City of Hackensack is moving forward with the construction documents for the Performing Arts Center at 102 State Street which is adjacent to the Atlantic Street Park.  The plans will convert the second floor into a +/- 200 seat Performing Arts Center.  Construction of the project is anticipated in 2016.

·      The Creative Arts Committee, a sub-committee of the Main Street Business Alliance held its first bi-monthly meeting on Thurs., Oct. 29th in which members approved the group’s vision plan, identified priority projects and laid out plans for executing those initiatives in the next eight months.

·      The Main Street Gateway Mural Project: Priming and painting of the wall at 76 Main Street is scheduled to begin in the coming days.   The five artists selected are Damien Mitchell, Johnny Newcomb, Lissanne Lake, Monica Chavarria and Stephanie O’Connor.  Stay tuned for more information about the priming/kick off ceremony.

New Leadership:

·      Patrice Foresman, has taken over as Executive Director for the Main Street Business Alliance as Albert Dib transitioned back to a full-time position with the City.  She brings extensive experience in marketing and corporate and community engagement to the leadership position, and is implementing several new initiatives including Meet the Merchants, a monthly profile piece to raise awareness for Main Street business owners, that will appear on the Alliance’s web site at www.uppermain.org.

·      Foresman is not the only new name you will see on Main Street, the Alliance is officially dropping ‘Upper’ from its name as the district now extends almost to the southern tip of Main.

Hackensack development reports are updated monthly and available atwww.uppermain.org and www.hackensack.org/redevelopment

Additional details about the Hackensack Upper Main Street Alliance are available at

www.uppermain.org and on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/1FPNkhq

About the Downtown Rehabilitation Plan

Last year marked a major milestone for Hackensack and its downtown business district.  The Main Street Business Alliance, the City of Hackensack, Archer & Greiner and DMR Architects received a New Jersey Future 2014 Smart Growth Award for the creation of the City’s Downtown Rehabilitation Plan.  Adopted in 2012, the plan calls for new housing, retail and restaurants to maximize thecity’s strategic advantages in the region.
Encompassing 163 acres and 389 individual properties on 39 city blocks, the Hackensack Downtown Rehabilitation Plan promotes a range of land uses. These include retail, restaurants, office, commercial, civic, and entertainment, along with a diversity of housing types, to create a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly downtown. One of the key objectives is to connect a series of neighborhoods with improved infrastructure, parks, plazas, open spaces and the city’s public transportation facilities.

About The Main Street Business Alliance

Established in 2004, the Main Street Business Alliance is a public private partnership between the business community and the City of Hackensack. The organization’s mission is to address the issues facing the business community with the goal of improving the local economy and the City’s overall business climate. Since its inception, the Main Street Business Alliance has provided Main Street with aesthetic improvements, clean and green programs, merchant grants, and marketing and events such as the Hackensack Street Festival.